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Best ASUS Laptop For Programming UX305UA Review

November 24 2016 , Written by Bill Published on #best programming laptop, #top programming laptop, #best core i5 laptop, #top laptop intel core i5, #best laptop for under 500

ASUS recently announced eight new notebooks, each laptops has its own advantages. On this occasion I was allowed to play around for one of the latest high-end ASUS  notebook namely ASUS UX305UA and this was my experience with this best laptop for programming.

The first impression of ASUS UX305UA is luxury, compact, lightweight. With a thickness of only 1.6cm and weighs 1.3kg, the top laptop for programming is easy to carry everywhere.

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ASUS UX305UA looks luxurious clad metal with the color of rose gold to me, my friend anyone tell if this gold color, some say is the color of copper, that according to its official website ASUS Indonesia hell is the color of aurora metallic, well whatever color it is surely color attractive for use in ASUS Zenbook UX305UA as best laptop for programming and coding.

Best ASUS Laptop For Programming UX305UA Review

ASUS UX305UA Laptop has a 13.3 inch display, not too big nor too small to do the daily work, for my display size 13.3" on a notebook is the right size for a notebook. Screen ASUS UX305UA also anti-glare so backlighting is not bouncing on the screen, this adds to the comfort when viewing the screen.

Wrap metal design with a matte finish on the body of this UX305UA ASUS adds to the impression of premium notebook, the keyboard with black alloy rose gold dominant UX305UA ASUS is very fitting. List of rubber on the inside of the screen also follow the dominant color in this UX305UA ASUS.

ASUS UX305UA charger is quite small, not so burdensome when taken together with the ASUS UX305UA and the charger in the bag.

ASUS UX305UA has a thickness of only 1.6cm and 1.3kg weight, easy to carry everywhere. On the left side there is an SD Card slot, one USB 2.0 port and one USB 3.0 port On the right side there is one USB 3.0 port, 1 Combo audio jack, 1 micro HDMI port, 1 power port, 1 LED power indicator and one LED indicator being lit or not. On the back side there is a hole heat output. At the bottom there are speaker sound output.

ASUS UX305UA has Intel Core i5 6200U Skylake 2.3GHz as the processor and paired with 4GB of DDR3 RAM. For storage media UX305UA ASUS uses a large 256GB SSD. The screen is pinned on ASUS UX305UA is the type IPS Full HD resolution that has anti-glare. So this ultrabook can be one of top core i5 laptop.

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For connectivity it has Bluetooth 4.0 ASUS UX305UA and wifi 802.11ac 5G network already supports. Best core i5 laptop also has a light detection sensors so that the screen can adjust the light emitted.

The first impression using ASUS notebooks UX305UA are thin, light, easy to carry, luxurious, beautiful design and a comfortable keyboard for typing in a considerable period of time.

To try how mild this laptop, I carry this laptop around the mall about 1 hour. Bring this ASUS UX305UA laptop and its charger in the bag, but my shoulder does not feel so sore. So it’s nice for travelling.

One interested thing that ASUS UX305UA notebook are able to generate good sounds because this laptop use speaker from Bang & Olufsen technology. To touchpad was also ASUS provides interesting features that made me more comfortable using a touchpad ASUS UX305UA of them is that I can use the gesture of two fingers to scroll the screen, gesture three fingers downward to show desktop and gesture three fingers up to see the windows / desktop any currently open.

ASUS claim the battery can last up to 12 hours to prove I am trying to work all day to use the ASUS UX305UA to create an article, browsing, watching, listening to music with power settings in a balanced and results? About 8 hours an ASUS UX305UA can survive in a single charge. Suitable for working all day especially if by chance there is no charger near you. I myself with confident bringing this UX305UA anywhere without carrying his charger to record the battery is fully charged before ya. For ASUS UX305UA its own charging takes about 2 hours to charge of 6% until filled.

What about heat? I can say this ASUS UX305UA as best laptop under $500 is quite cool, forever I worked with this ASUS UX305UA temperature only be warm alone. Read more at www.moogvideolarm.com

The need for a working person is different, when you need a notebook that is light, powerful, luxurious, battery durable then top laptop for under $500 is one alternative notebook of choice for you, with a note that USB 3.0 it only two, one USB 2.0, no DVD -ROM and no HDMI port, micro HDMI port only so if you want to connect to the projector takes ASUS UX305UA micro HDMI cable is not supplied along with the sales package. Data storage SSD which has a space of 256GB for some people (including me) might feel a bit cramped, especially if you have a lot of important data that must be stored with a size large enough to outsmart course you can use an external HDD, suggestions I always keep an external HDD to store / backup your data.

For those of you who feel a notebook with a 256GB SSD, 4GB RAM, Intel i5 processor Skylake and 13.3 "with a maximum resolution of Full HDMI (1920 × 1080) then you can always choose the variant which again who have SSD 512MB, 8GB RAM, posesor Intel i7 Skylake and 13.3 "with a maximum resolution of QHD + (3200 × 1800) of course at a lower price premium.

Best ASUS Laptop For Programming UX305UA Review

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